E-mail marketing copywriting voor digital recruiters


Hoe schrijf je een goeie outreach e-mail naar interessante prospecten, profielen, kandidaten om hen te overtuigen van een job of contact met je op te nemen?

email marketing copywriting voor digital recruiters

Hi Thomas,

Your CV just caught my eye!

I’m Jasper, a recruiter at PYCOGroup.

How are you?

I’ve got some great news for you:

I found you a really great job opportunity!

You interested?

This is the opportunity I’m talking about:

(link to job opportunity)

Great, right?

By the way: I got even more opportunities for you.

They all match your CV, skills and experience perfectly!

Want me to call you and have a quick chat about it?

Just click here to let me know when I can call you.

You’re gonna find this very useful. Promise!

So, talk soon?

Just let me know here when I can have a quick call.

Thanks Thomas!

Or should I say: ‘Congrats on the job!’ 😉


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